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The Economist (print)

The Economist  (print)
The Economist (print)
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The Economist
 sets a different standard. As the next generation of opinion leaders, it's important you stay up-to-date on what's happening around the globe. 
The Economist brings its readers a unique and independent perspective, covering every major development you need to know - as well as many things you never realised you needed to know.
Plenty of news outlets deliver the 'what and where' of world events. The Economist gives you the 'why'.
Each week, The Economist spans everything from European and world news, politics, business and finance, science, technology and the arts. 
Go beyond the headlines, to get the bigger global picture!


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The Economist (digital)

The Economist (print+digital)


Bloomberg Businessweek

This week's issue

(week 43)

The cover looks at the growing rivalry between China and America. For the past 25 years America has believed that economic integration would make China not just wealthier but also more liberal, pluralistic and democratic. Today, however, America has come to see China as a strategic rival – a malevolent actor and a rule-breaker. President Donald Trump is right to think that a strong America needs to challenge China’s behaviour. But to avoid a vicious cycle of belligerence he also needs to honour America’s values and work with its allies.

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The World in 2018 
is built on three decades of publishing success. This is the 32nd edition.The World in 2018 is specific, numerate and opinionated: full of predictions, and a good read. The Economist’s writers are joined by distinguished editors and columnists from other publications: leaders from business, politics, science and the arts also add their ideas.
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